“The train was stopped while a funeral was passing in Sohag.” The Minister of Transport announces that a railway driver will be honored


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Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport and Communications, announced that a train driver from Sohag Governorate has been honored and hosted in his office within the current week for his humanitarian behavior as he stopped a train driving him while crossing a funeral from a place not designated for passers-by in Sohag Governorate.

The minister said during his tour in the governorate that the main station in Minya needs to be developed, and that the problem of street vendors will be solved and will be resolved strongly, in response to a question asked by a citizen of Minya train station about their danger and the ministry’s inability to deal with them, as the citizen told the minister : «You will not be able to street vendors». The minister replied: “God willing, we will be able to overcome them.”

The Minister demanded not to scrape any train cars before they were well examined and to re-repair the cars that need maintenance in order to preserve the authority’s funds, and not to use the brush to paint and paint train cars in an acceptable manner in order to preserve the cultural and aesthetic appearance, noting that there are large equipment with a high financial value without using He said why does the loader stop working with 6 million pounds, and not benefit from it, and insisted on operating the loader?

The Minister of Transport said that the ministry is separating the goods transport sector, by relying on the multimodal transport system, because the goods transport sector is important, through which it is possible to spend on developing the railway authority, calling on all railway workers to learn and develop themselves, stressing that whoever gets On a postgraduate degree during service, he will be promoted according to the grade to which he was appointed, but he will not be promoted according to the qualification he obtained, and whoever is rejected between him and me the law.

The Minister held a meeting with train drivers and workers at the Minya Railway Station, in the presence of Major General Osama al-Qadi, the Governor of Minya, where he demanded a strong focus during driving and the need to take into account the human dimension while walking on the railway, urging them to do their utmost in their work.

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