The Twitch platform removes 7.5 million fake accounts … and reduces the number of followers and views


The game-streaming platform Twitch began by canceling more than 7.5 million bot accounts, which was behind the increase in the number of followers and viewers from broadcast devices. The Amazon-owned gaming platform tweeted the same way, saying that accounts are being removed and Twitch users may see a decrease. Surprise in the number of followers and viewers in the coming days, “and for this reason, many game operators have witnessed a decrease in their follower numbers.

To point to an example of just how steep the drops are, xQc, one of the most popular streaming accounts on the platform, lost about 2.2 million followers overall, dropping from 8.1 million to 5.9 million, according to a report from Engadget, while Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris lost about 2.8 million followers. , Down 45% in his total follower count, and on the flip side, gained some banners as well over the past week.

The robots are accused of causing “hiding to watch” and “following”, both of which are responsible for increasing the number of viewers and followers of a particular account, respectively. Increasing the number of followers and viewers increases the chances of identifying a particular channel on the broadcast platform as a popular channel, while Twitch intends to take action. Punitive against the bot sellers, seen on the platform, he also said that he would not “punish users who are victims of bot attacks.”


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