The verdict on those accused of threatening player Omar Jaber with death and harm .. shortly after


The Giza Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Gamal Abd Allah, pronounces today, Monday, the verdict against the accused of threatening the player Omar Jaber of the Pyramids club with death and harm.

The player Omar Jaber attended during the last session and reconciled with the accused and waived the criminal and civil lawsuits.

It is noteworthy that the player accused the two young men in the investigations, that they threatened to kill, harm and kidnap his son unless their desires to buy a villa for them near the villa owned by Sheikh Zayed in addition to a car, or give them the amount of 13 million pounds, considering that their demands were unlawfully.

The player added that he had a friendship relationship with the defendants years ago, and that he used to provide them with financial assistance by virtue of that friendship, since he was affluent, until the matter developed between them to unjustly ask him for the aforementioned sums of money, and threatened him to harm his wife and children if he did not respond to their requests.

The player submitted to the Public Prosecution letters that included the threats that the defendants made to him, as well as that they went to the house of his wife’s father in the Mohandessin area to search for him.


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