The Wall Street Journal: Mediation efforts with Prince Hamzah faltered after an audio recording was leaked with the Chief of Staff of the Army


The Wall Street Journal reported in a report that mediation efforts with the former Jordanian crown prince, Prince Hamzah, had faltered, after a leaked audio recording of him with the Chief of Staff of the Jordanian Army, Yousef Al-Huneiti.

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Jordan ... a leaked recording reveals the details of what happened between the Chief of Staff and Prince Hamzah

Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ayman Safadi said To the newspaperThe country’s authorities neutralized what they said was a growing threat posed by Prince Hamzah, who criticized the government of his half-brother, King Abdullah.

“With regard to the movements and threats that they represent, they have been completely contained and under control,” Safadi added.

Safadi indicated that Prince Hamzah did not pose an immediate threat, explaining that the Jordanian security forces responded to the efforts they noticed from Prince Hamzah with the aim of stoking popular discontent over the deteriorating Jordanian economy and presenting himself as an alternative ruler, according to the “Wall Street Journal.”

The Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister said that the prince’s activities were aimed at destabilizing the country so that he could “ride the wave of that. He believed that this opposition would do the job.” He pointed out that the timetables and logistics are being discussed for such a campaign, which did not reach the point of a coup.

But a leaked audio recording raised new questions about the government’s narrative, and it may have complicated mediation efforts by the senior princes, who were expected to settle a confrontation at the head of the usually secret Jordanian monarchy.

The government’s publication ban on Tuesday issued against local media outlets discussing the abuse of the royal family also fueled the feeling that it has not yet been resolved, the newspaper reported.

The dispute between King Abdullah II and Prince Hamzah exploded into the open over the weekend, when the prince was effectively placed under house arrest, then the government accused him of undermining national security by contacting opposition figures abroad and foreign entities, whose name he did not name, with the help of a former royal court official. .

Prince Hamzah has denied wrongdoing. Malek Dahlan, a longtime confidant of Prince Hamzah, declined to comment on Safadi’s comments. Dahlan, a mediator and family friend, described the incident in a previous statement as the result of “clumsy actions” by Jordanian officials, and referred to the value of mediation and the rule of law.

The family mediation efforts, revealed on Monday, were expected to reach a decision after the royal court issued a statement, saying that Prince Hamzah had signed it and affirming his support for the current king and the crown prince.

A person familiar with the situation said those efforts had faltered at first, when Safadi appeared on national television the previous day to bring the strongest accusations against Prince Hamzah.

On Tuesday, the fate of the mediation became again in doubt through the audio recording, which people familiar with the situation said was a meeting on Saturday between Prince Hamzah and the Chairman of the Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff, who visited the Prince’s palace to ask him to stop meeting or communicating with people outside his immediate family. , And stop Twitter. Then no plot was mentioned to destabilize the kingdom.

In 2004, King Abdullah dismissed Prince Hamzah from the position of Crown Prince, a position that placed him next in line to the throne.

The king faced growing public discontent, as the government struggled to contain the coronavirus pandemic and limit its impact on an economy dependent on tourism and foreign investment.

Meanwhile, Prince Hamzah has maintained broad popular support in part, due to the apparent similarity (in form) to his late father, King Hussein, a founding figure in Jordan’s history. Prince Hamzah has also recently made more visits to the Jordanian tribes, which are a major base of support for the monarchy, according to the “Wall Street Journal.”

Jordanian security forces detained about 20 people, including some close to Prince Hamzah, over the weekend. The authorities said that none of them belonged to the Jordanian army.

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