The weather of the first week of Ramadan


The Meteorological Authority revealed detailed details weather condition And weather phenomena, during the first week of Ramadan.

The authority said that there will be a gradual rise in temperatures starting from tomorrow, Tuesday, to prevail in pleasant weather in the north during the day, cold at night, and then temperatures rise again to approach 30 degrees during Thursday and Friday 15 and 16 April.

And there is a hot weather during the day, inclined to cold at night, and temperatures rise significantly in the north and south of Upper Egypt at the end of the first week of the holy month of Ramadan.

The winds remain light to moderate throughout, only active in South Sinai during the period, and it is also advised during the period not to reduce clothing, especially at night and early in the morning.

On the map of weather phenomena until Friday, it is as follows:

today is Monday

Wind movement activity over areas of South Sinai.

Tomorrow, Tuesday
A gradual rise in temperatures throughout, with values ​​ranging from 2 to 6 degrees Celsius, so that moderate weather prevails in the north to Greater Cairo, hot in the south, during the day, tilted to cold at night, and the activity of wind movement in areas of South Sinai, and the maximum temperatures reach 38 degrees Celsius.

Wind movement activity over areas of South Sinai.

Wind movement activity over areas of South Sinai.

Wind movement activity in areas of the far west of the country.

For her part, Dr. Iman Shaker, Undersecretary of the Remote Sensing Center at the General Meteorological Authority, said that the current weather is witnessing a decrease in temperatures below the normal rates for this year, as the maximum temperatures are recorded at 21 degrees.

Dr. Iman Shaker explained in televised statements that the current weather is witnessing a decrease of more than 10 degrees Celsius compared to last week, warning against reducing clothes, especially since temperatures have decreased significantly these days.

She indicated that starting tomorrow, Tuesday, the weather will witness a rise in temperatures to reach 25 degrees.

She indicated that the weather is pleasant during daylight hours in most parts of the Republic, but it records a decrease during the night and early morning hours.

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