The wife of a famous director, and this is her most prominent work … Information and stories about a princess


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Monday 05 April 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Today passes the anniversary of the death of the artist Amira Amir, who was famous in the forties and fifties, and she had beautiful calm features that caught the attention of stars and directors, and she is also the owner of an imprint in the history of Egyptian cinema.

In the following lines, we review the most prominent information and stories about Amira Amir, coinciding with the anniversary of her death:

Her real name is Saadia Abdel Rahman, she was born on January 17, 1920.

– She began her artistic career in the movie “My Daughter” in 1944 with the artist Aziza Amir, who was credited with the Egyptian cinema, and embodied in the film the daughter of Aziza Amir.

Her artistic work continued during the second half of the forties and the first half of the fifties.

– In her career, she presented only 13 works in cinema, most notably: “Return of the hide cap, Friday night, the story of love, the reckless, under the city sky, God is with us, the hell of jealousy, the doctor with wellness, everyone sings, the unknown singer, the world is fine, the story of love, Friday night, my daughter, Hanan. ”

– After the movie God is with us in 1955, she was absent for 6 years, before she presented her last film Under the Sky of the City in 1961.

– Because of her name and her cooperation with Aziza Amir in the movie “My Daughter”, rumors emerged that she was her daughter from director Ezz El Din Zulfikar, but several sources denied the matter, which was confirmed to “Masrawy” critic Mahmoud Qassem, saying: “Amira Amir is not the daughter of the mother of cinema. Prince”.

– She married director Kamal Selim, the first director of the Realism School in Egypt, and the author of the first Egyptian realistic film “Al-Azima”, which is on the top of the list of 100 best films in the history of Egyptian cinema.

– The artist Aziza Amir was the one who called her artistic name Amira Amir, and according to Qabas newspaper, a crisis arose between them and Aziza Amir accused her of promoting that she is her daughter

Died on April 5, 1968.


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