Their memories in Ramadan..Deduction of 3 days from Yahya Shaheen’s salary because of the phrase “I am fasting”


Each of us carries unforgettable memories that he passed through during the month of Ramadan, especially the period of childhood and the beginning of his life, and the artists of the beautiful time had many memories in the month of Ramadan that they remembered throughout their lives and did not forget them and talked about them in their conversations and their old meetings.

Among these stars was the great artist, Yahya Shaheen, who spoke to Al-Kawakeb magazine in a rare issue in 1957 about an unforgettable situation that happened to him at the beginning of his artistic life and when he was participating in one of the plays.

Yahya Shaheen said: “At the beginning of my artistic life, I was working with one of the theater troupes and playing the role of a Roman commander, and the role required me to carry on my hands a group of swords and present them to the emperor as a group of the swords of the leaders of the enemy army that defeated him.”

And the great artist continued: “I carried the swords to the emperor, and while I sat down to perform the scene, my feet faltered and fell, and the audience laughed, and some of them chanted: Isn’t it a shame to remain the leader of armies and such a thing?”

Yahya Shaheen confirmed that these comments provoked him and he felt angry, and that was during the month of Ramadan, so he responded to these comments, saying: “I pray fasting,” and everyone burst into laughter, even the band members.

The great artist added, “I was surprised the next day that a decision was issued to deduct 3 days from my salary because I commented on the audience’s words, which is considered a violation of the band’s system, and this memory stuck in my mind I remember it every time Ramadan passed.”


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