They found his body after 9 years … and they discovered an unexpected surprise


And the details of the story go back to last December, according to what I said Norwegian State Radio. The man, in his 60s, married more than once and had children.

According to the neighbors, the man disappeared for a long time, and they assumed he had moved elsewhere. His body was found when the guard asked the police to open the apartment so that he could carry out maintenance work.

And believe Norwegian Police The man died in April 2011, based on a carton of milk and a letter found in his apartment. An autopsy showed that he died of natural causes.

The man’s pension was stopped in 2018, when she was unable to Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration From calling him, but he kept paying his bills automatically from his bank account.

Oslo Police Inspector Great Lynn Mettled told Norwegian State Radio that she and her colleagues have thought a lot about how someone died long ago without anyone finding out.

“This is a special case, and it made us ask questions about how it happened. Based on the picture that we have, it is clear that he was someone who chose not to contact others,” he added.

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