They issued the “Bitcoin” currency .. Referral of 10 accused who received 67 million pounds


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Monday, April 12, 2021

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Public Prosecutor, Counselor, Hamada Al-Sawy, has ordered ten accused – of whom five are imprisoned – to the competent economic criminal court To punish them for what has been attributed to them by inviting citizens by themselves and through the international information network to collect their money, claiming that it is used and invested in the activities of the X-first Group for General Trade and Software, and X for Industries and Investments, in the event that the two companies are not registered in the records of the Financial Supervisory Authority to initiate this activity, and receive them Therefore, funds from citizens totaling sixty-six million eight hundred and eleven thousand four hundred and seven Egyptian pounds, and one thousand six hundred and fifty US dollars; For employing them in the activities of the two companies, issuing cryptocurrencies and electronic money, and trading in and promoting them, and their failure to return those sums owed to the victims.

The prosecution stated in a statement today, Monday, that the defendants issued electronic money (BIT COINS) and cryptocurrencies (X-Coins) and their trade and promotion in them, and their establishment and operation of platforms for their trading and conducting activities related to them without a license, as well as operating and providing them through the two companies referred to the payment system and service. (XFirst) to provide payment services through it inside the Republic without a license, and their establishment, management and use of unauthorized websites and social media accounts with the intention of committing these crimes.

The Financial and Commercial Affairs Prosecution at the Public Prosecutor’s Office had established evidence before the accused from the testimony of forty-nine witnesses, the statements of four accused in the investigations, and what was proven in the reports of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority regarding examining the websites and electronic accounts used in committing the aforementioned crimes, and what was proven in the report of the National Authority To inform the media about examining videos of the defendants to prove their guilt.

It also established the evidence from what was proven from the statements of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, the General Authority for Financial Supervision, and the Central Bank, and what was found by the Public Prosecution in examining deposit receipts and bank transfers submitted by the victims, and examining electronic devices in the possession of some of the defendants.

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