“They woke up to find their train in two halves” .. Details of the accident of separation of 6 cars from the sleeping train in Assiut


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Passengers of the sleeper train 82, Cairo-Aswan, woke up after the train stopped, to be surprised by the separation of the last 6 cars from the rest of the train in the city of Manqabad of Assiut Governorate, and the presence of themselves on the track, while the train tractor left them behind before it stopped about 2000 meters near the station Al-Azhar.

Informed sources revealed that God’s providence saved the passengers of the sleeping train Cairo – Aswan No. 82 after the last 6 cars broke off from the train in the city of Manqabad in Assiut due to a break in the column linking the carriages, as the train consisting of 13 cars continued to walk a distance of 3 km A meter before it stops at Al-Azhar station, approximately 2000 meters before the city of Assiut.

Official sources said on the railway that the incident occurred at 3:30 am this Friday morning and did not result in any injuries or disruption to the railway, as all measures were taken, and all towers were notified to stop trains coming from Cairo.

The sources added that the train continued its course to Assiut, and the 6 separate carriages were towed to Assiut, where the breaking of the column linking the carriages was repaired and the train continued its course, resulting in an hour.

The governorate operations room had received a notification at dawn today stating that 6 cars had been disconnected from the sleeper train 82 and that the incident occurred after the train arrived at the Assiut station in the governorate, and immediately the Civil Protection Forces, the railway station officials and the general secretary of Assiut moved to the al-Balagh site.

The inspection revealed that the train consisted of 13 carriages (11 sleeper carriages, club car and power car), and the last 6 carriages had separated from it, at the time the train continued its course with the first carriages.

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