This is the last one … a lion kills its owner after raising him at his home in Saudi Arabia .. Know the story


A Saudi citizen died of his injuries after he was attacked by a lion who was raising him in the Al-Sulay neighborhood in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to what Russia Today News Network announced about this news.

Where a lion attacked his breeder after eating food of his strength, while raising predatory animals is a hobby and a habit followed by some in the Gulf countries, where some of them boast of taking pictures while they spend their time with them.

The security authorities also went to the site of the Assad attack after they received a report about the incident and dealt with the situation, although the security authorities were able to rid the Saudi citizen from the lion’s jaws, but he died from the injuries he suffered.

In a related context, some social media users said that the deceased was a 22-year-old, and video footage of a dead lion believed to have attacked the Saudi was circulated by users. The Saudi National Center for Wildlife Development also announced that last March, raising predatory animals in the country is forbidden.

The Center confirmed that there are penalties imposed on violators, as a Saudi order was issued earlier to prohibit the import of all kinds of predators to the country for personal or commercial use, and import licenses have not been issued in this regard in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi.

This means that all predatory animals that are not originally present in the natural environments of Saudi Arabia have been imported or bred irregularly, as the penalties stipulated in the environmental system for violators amount to 30 million Saudi riyals, a fine and 10 years imprisonment for violators.


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