Tigris and production disrupt their attempts to escape from the bottom of the league


The meeting that brought together Wadi Degla and its counterpart El Entag El Harby, this evening, Friday, in the 17th round of the WE League competition ended with a goalless draw.

The match witnessed a mutual control of the ball between the two teams without any actual danger to the goal except for an attack led by Karim Al Dabis to Wadi Degla from the left of the stadium in minute 3, and he sent it by cross into the war production penalty area, but did not find anyone who met it among his colleagues, and another was the most dangerous in the 81st minute. To Wadi Degla after the arrival of a direct free kick that was implemented inside the penalty area of ​​the war production of the Tigris player Ahmed Sharif, who shot it in the goal, but it first hit the post before it rebounded and kicked it in the goal, but Ahmed Yahya, the production goalkeeper, confronted it.

With this tie, Wadi Degla raised its score to point 13 in the 16th position in the league table, while El Entag El Harby raised its score to point 11 in the last 18th position.

Although each team got one point from a tie, neither of them, whether Wadi Degla or El Entag El Harby, advanced in the league table than they were before the match.

It is reported that the match Dajla and Military Production today is the first in the league championship after the end of the international suspension during which the national team played two matches against Kenya and Comoros.


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