To fight anemia .. The 6 most popular foods that boost iron in the body


Follow-up – Ali Mualla:

Anemia is a common health problem, and you need to follow up with a doctor to treat it, either with medication or by eating some healthy foods rich in iron.

If you are anemic or suffer from iron deficiency in your body, you need to eat these foods:

1. Vegetables and fruits.

Dark leafy vegetables are an important and natural source of iron that anemia patient needs, such as spinach, peas, and beans, and eating fruits is also important, especially sweet potatoes, figs, raisins and apricots.

2. Dairy products.

Doctors advise patients with anemia to eat dairy products frequently, because they are rich in calcium, as they help the body absorb iron easily, in addition to the fact that your body needs calcium for the health of your bones.

3. Proteins.

The diet for the anemia patient should contain meat and poultry, because they contain proteins that the body needs in this disease.

4. Seafood.

The anemia patient should eat seafood, oysters, tuna and sardines, because they are a good source of iron that the body of an anemia patient needs.

5. Nuts.

Nuts are a good source of folate, which improves iron absorption in the body, for example pistachios are a snack rich in iron, in addition to they do not contain high calories.

6. Liver.

Liver is a good source of iron and folic acid, so it is recommended to eat it in case of iron deficiency anemia.

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