Tomorrow rains in the northern coasts and Lower Egypt, and cold weather at night and Lesser Cairo 12


The Meteorological Authority expects that the weather will witness on Thursday, gentle weather in Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt, cooler on the northwest coast, gentle on the northeastern coasts and northern Upper Egypt, moderate on South Sinai, moderate on southern Upper Egypt.

And Mahmoud Shaheen, director of management, revealed Weather forecasts With the General Authority of Meteorology, that the country is witnessing wind activity in some areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northwestern coasts, which are exciting for sand and dust in northern Upper Egypt, and opportunities for moderate rain on areas of the coasts at intermittent periods, and light and moderate rains in areas of and from the Lower Sea at intermittent periods And the chances of light rain in the evening in separate areas of Greater Cairo at intermittent periods.

As for the weather at night, cold weather prevails throughout.

As for temperatures, tomorrow, Thursday: Greater Cairo is 21 degrees and Lows are 12 degrees, Greater Alexandria is 18 degrees and Lows are 13 degrees, Greater Matrouh is 18 degrees and Lows are 13 degrees, Great Sohag is 24 degrees and Lows are 11 degrees, Greater Qena is 25 degrees and Lows are 12 degrees, and Greater Aswan is 28 degrees A minimum of 14 degrees.

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