Tookh train accident .. the first comment from the entire minister


Posted on: Sunday 18 April 2021 – 4:10 PM | Last update: Sunday 18 April 2021 – 4:10 PM

Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, went immediately to Toukh, Qalyubia Governorate, to find out the real causes behind the train accident.

In a press statement, the minister affirmed that all responsible persons responsible for the accident are held accountable, saying: “I will not escape responsibility, and we are working day and night to develop the railway system to provide distinguished services to the traveling public.”

The minister directed that a technical committee be formed to find out the reasons for the departure of two cars from Train No. 949 (Cairo – Mansoura) from the tracks, explaining that the state has allocated 222 billion pounds to develop the railway system to reduce train accidents, and it is difficult to stop the railway until the completion of the modernization of its basic systems.

The Minister of Transport stated that the traction system of wagons and tractors is being developed to reduce train accidents, and work is underway to modernize signal electrification, communication systems, and central control unit systems, renew bars, improve and raise the efficiency of stations, rehabilitate, maintain and operate tractors, and develop old train cars with modern ones, he continued: “Railroad trains carry about one million passengers a day.”

In a swift parliamentary move, MP Muhammad Abdullah Zainuddin, a member of the Transport and Communications Committee in the House of Representatives, called for the necessity of developing the manpower system within the railway sector in Egypt, and said: The manpower needs reassessment and review.

A member of the Parliament’s Transport Committee asked: How long will the deaths and losses continue on the railway ?, stressing the importance of the technical committees uncovering the real causes behind the accident.

Zain al-Din stressed the need to expedite accountability for negligence with the most severe penalties, pointing out that the penalties for those responsible for these accidents must be proportional to the crime they committed against the people.

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