top 7 .. Angham accepts Asala’s apology .. Tomorrow is the height of heat


A paragraph was offered Top 7 Which was broadcast on the seventh day television, and presented by Hour Muhammad, the most prominent 7 news over the past 24 hours, and you can follow it on the official pages of “The Seventh Day” on social networking sites.

The headlines of today’s newsletter from the “Top 7” news included: Dar Al Iftaa: 10 Pounds Atonement for breakfast on Ramadan 2021

Sheikh Mahmoud Shalabi, secretary of the fatwa at the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa, answered a question about not fasting one day in the month of Ramadan for those who have excuses that require penance … and he estimated it at one of the lowest 10 pounds.

Russian astronaut: I took pictures of the pyramids from space and my dream was to touch them with my hands ..

The Russian astronaut, “Mikhail Borisovich”, said during a ceremony organized by the Olympic Center that during his space trips he took pictures of the pyramids and said that his dream was to visit Egypt and touch the pyramids and that this dream was fulfilled yesterday

Candling Cafe Hassan Shakoush in Nasr City and removing the infringements on Anwar El Mofti Street

Cairo governorate agencies launched a campaign headed by Ibrahim Saber, deputy governor of Cairo, which resulted in the closure and waxing of 9 violating cafes on Anwar Al-Mufti Street, with the removal of all occupations and front doors that may not be exploited.

Lieutenant General Osama Rabie: 84 ships crossed the Suez Canal today, with a tonnage of 5.3 million tons

Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, said that the navigation traffic in the canal is working on a regular basis, as navigation reports record 84 vessels crossing from both directions, with a total net tonnage of 5.3 million tons.

Under the patronage of President El-Sisi … “We are all one” provides Ramadan supplies with a 60% reduction.

Shawadar and outlets of the “We Are All One” initiative continued to receive citizens to buy their necessities. The initiative was launched to provide food at reduced prices, in more than 750 branches of the “We Are All One” initiative nationwide..

The height of high temperatures and hot weather over Cairo and the great 35 degrees

The meteorological agency said that hot weather will prevail over Greater Cairo, while the sea level is very hot on the eastern coasts, gentle on the western coasts … and Al-Azmi in Cairo will score 35 degrees.

Angham accepts the apology of Asala and comments: We are all wrongly, and may God forgive what was previously mentioned

The superstar Angham accepted the apology of the star Asala, who posted it on “Instagram” and said, “We are all wrong, Asala, and you count for the courage of the apology. I cannot accept your apology, may God forgive what was previously mentioned.”.


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