Toyota announces its “new sporty beast”!


Toyota announces

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Toyota has revealed the design and some specifications of the new GT 86 Coupe which it is expected to officially announce soon.

Looking at the photos and videos that were leaked for this vehicle, we note that it differed in design from the current GT 86 cars, as its headlights became simpler and more like the sports car lights that were introduced in the 1990s, and its rear facade differed significantly, as the luggage compartment was designed to be its rear in the form of a wing. Antenna for increased stability at high speeds, the sides of the box extend into the distance above the headlights, and the wheel size has increased.

These cars got a 4-meter and 26-centimeter-long structure, 177 cm in width, 131 cm in height, weighing 1270 kg, and a height from the ground of 131 mm, and this structure was also developed to be more durable than the current GT 86 vehicles, and it was equipped with distinctive air holes on the front end. And on the sides of the tire compartments.

Internally, these cars got a different driving interface as well, equipped with a large touch screen that enables the driver to dispense with the traditional buttons to control multimedia systems, and also got special cameras that support security systems to prevent sudden accidents.

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Instead of the old 2.0-liter engines that were in the GT 86 cars, the new vehicles got 2.7-liter petrol engines with 235 horsepower torque, working with mechanical or automatic gearboxes with six speeds and a rear-wheel drive system.

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