Tragic conditions after 105 people were killed in West Darfur


And since Saturday, fierce battles have been going on in The city of El Geneina Hundreds of tribal militants used heavy and light weapons, and they carried out extensive burning and looting operations that affected many residential neighborhoods and shops. The fighting caused great damage to vital installations such as health and service centers, which made the situation more complicated.

A tragic situation

Journalist Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Ahmad, who spoke to “Sky News Arabia” from El Geneina, confirmed that the region is living in tragic conditions after four days of the bloody events. He pointed out that large numbers of residents suffer from a great shortage of food and shelter, especially for those fleeing the fierce battles in El Geneina.

He said that the situation is deteriorating terribly, considering that what is currently happening is the worst in the history of the events that erupted in the tribal conflict in Darfur. According to Ahmed, large numbers of residential neighborhoods and displacement camps have been burned, and widespread looting has taken place, affecting the property of defenseless citizens.

Ahmed stated that the worst aspect of the crisis is the acute shortage of medicines and medical aids necessary to save the lives of the injured minors, in addition to a shortage of general medical personnel. Ahmed also points to a clear weakness in securing residential neighborhoods in light of the proliferation of weapons in the hands of militias.

Security confusion

There were reports of clashes between forces of the armed movements and others belonging to the forces Fast support Amid severe confusion about who controls the situation there, and in the absence of sufficient information about the reality of the conflict.

The Sudanese coalition forces stationed in West Darfur denied reports of clashes with the Rapid Support Forces against the background of the events that took place in El Geneina, stressing that they are not a party to those events, and that their presence in the region comes in accordance with the peace agreement signed in Juba last October and according to security arrangements.

She said that what is happening in the events West Darfur State It is unfortunate, and these events are not tribal fighting as some promote it, indicating that the tribes in West Darfur, both Arabs and Masalit, have coexisted for years, and each has its own lands and hawakira.

She saw that the root of the problem dates back to 1995, when tribes from outside the country’s borders attacked the lands and farms of the citizens in West Darfur and seized their lands and farms with the support and instigation of the former regime.

Multiple risks

The death toll is expected to increase further in light of the poor security conditions in the region, as the Doctors Committee says that rescue and supply teams cannot reach the victims and warehouses due to security difficulties, as supply and ambulance vehicles are exposed to frequent fire accidents while trying to reach the injured and warehouses.

Many other drugs and consumables are already out of stock. The number of workers is very few, and they work long hours without rest supported by teams of volunteers Sudanese Red Crescent In light of the inability of many workers to reach health facilities, in addition to power and water supply cuts to the city, including hospitals.

Wide condemnations

I denounced United nations AndEuropean Union And many countries of the world have brutal killings that have renewed in the region since last Saturday. The United Nations called for an end to the fighting in El Geneina, and for those responsible for the violence to be investigated and held accountable.

Sudanese armed organizations, bodies and groups also condemned the events. The Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Abdel Wahid Mohamed Nour, called for a review of the Security Council’s decision to leave the UNAMID mission.

The Sudanese Professionals Association, the Communist Party and many civilian forces held the police forces, the armed forces, the Rapid Support Forces, and the General Intelligence responsible for what happened without moving their forces to carry out their duty, and the Attorney General, the Minister of Justice and the civil administrations were responsible for the renewal of events after the reconciliation last January.

The Association of Professionals held militias and armed groups responsible for killing civilians and causing acts of sabotage and attacks, and called on the armed movements’ forces to coordinate with the armed forces and the police and to control their employees in all areas of their deployment in light of the recurrence of abuses over the past period and viewed as a great danger.

For its part, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, led by Abdulaziz Al-Hilu, said that the central and local authorities are practicing silence, which they described as “suspicious”, and that they are failing to abide by their duties and protect the citizens of West Darfur.

The movement’s general secretary, Ammar Amum, accused in a statement the involvement of the central authorities in Khartoum and their collusion with the perpetrators of tribal violence events in El Geneina, and demanded that they resolve the security breaches and extend their control over the militias that he said “sponsor and protect them.”

Important questions

These events come within a continuous series of bloody events in the region during the past three months, which raised many questions about Peace agreement The site last October between Sudanese government WowFor the revolutionary front Which includes a number of Darfurian movements, in the wake of a raging war that lasted 17 years.

And remained Darfur region Experiencing one of the fiercest since the year 2003 the civil wars In the world, which claimed the lives of more than 300 thousand people, and as a result of which about 4 million people were forced to flee to collective camps in search of safety.

Despite the signing of the peace agreement in October, there are still many flashpoints of tension in the areas around Jebel Marra and the IDP camps.

Fears are increasing that the increasing security vulnerability and the continuation of tribal conflicts will lead to the return of the situation in the Darfur region to what it was during the past years. In fact, more than a thousand people were killed and wounded in a number of Darfur regions in the bloody events that took place after the signing of the peace agreement, indicating the fragility of the situation and the seriousness of the presence of a large number of major movements such as the Abdul Wahid Muhammad Nur movement and the other fragmentation that is estimated to number more than 80 movements outside. the agreement.

Poor security arrangements

Many observers consider the weak security arrangements to be one of the most important destabilizing factors in Darfur. In this context, the strategic expert, Ismail Majzoub, confirms that the succession of the bloody events in Darfur gives an impression of the weakness of the security arrangements and the mechanisms for their implementation.

Majzoub said to “Sky News Arabia” that these conflicts confirm the necessity to expedite the download of the peace agreement decisions on the ground and address the basic and fundamental issues, including the hawakeer and others.

Majzoub believes that there are some loopholes in the security arrangements agreement, expecting that the current frictions and the state of injustice among the families of the victims towards some security forces will make the situation in Darfur liable to explode at any time.

Majzoub stresses the need for the security services to adhere to strict professionalism and play a greater role in maintaining security in all areas of Darfur.

The peace agreement provided for the formation of a joint force of 12,000 members from the regular forces and armed movements to maintain security in Darfur, but no positive steps have been taken in this direction so far.

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