Trezeguet: I knew I would score and winning would restore confidence to Aston Villa


Egyptian international Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, the star of the team, confirmed Aston VillaHis happiness in scoring his first goals this season, after he scored a brace in the victory of the Fellans over Fulham, 3-1, in the match that was held at Villa Park, in the 30th round of matches. Premier League Excellent.

“It was a good match today,” Trezeguet said in comments after the match. “I am very happy with the two goals I scored, and for my team to score three match points.”

وتابع Trezeguet saying: “I hope to continue at this level with Aston Villa until the end of the season, and for the team to rise to the advanced position in the table, the victory was important in today’s match in order to restore confidence“.

The Egyptian star continued: “I haven’t scored goals since last season, which is a very long time, but I believed in my ability to score goals. I knew that I would score.”“.

Regarding the absence of Aston Villa captain Jacques Grealish, who was injured, Trezeguet said: “Greelish is a very important player for the team. We miss him badly, but today we won, without him.”

Trezeguet, who took part as a substitute in the 62nd minute, instead of the Dutchman of Moroccan origin Anwar Al Ghazi, scored two goals for Aston Villa in the 78th and 81st minutes, after Fulham advanced with the goal of Serbian striker Alexander Mitrovic in the 61st minute.

With that result, Aston Villa ranks ninth in the Premier League table with 44 points, and has a postponed match, while Fulham is in the eighteenth place with 26 points.


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