Turkey issues a statement on the latest developments in Jordan


Turkey issues a statement on the latest developments in Jordan


Alkis Konstantinidis

Turkey expressed its concern about the latest developments in Jordan, as the Jordanian authorities carried out a series of arrests yesterday, against the backdrop of reports of an alleged plot to overthrow King Abdullah II.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement issued today, Sunday, that it is watching with concern these events on the grounds that they pose a threat to the stability of the Hashemite Kingdom, adding: “Jordan is a pivotal country for peace in the Middle East, and we consider its stability and security to the stability and security of Turkey.”

The ministry expressed Turkey’s “strong support” for King Abdullah and the Jordanian government and for “the peace, prosperity and well-being of the Jordanian people.”

Jordan announced yesterday evening, Saturday, a series of arrests of the former head of the royal court and other people following a “vigorous security follow-up.” Country security. ”

Prince Hamzah confirmed that he was placed under house arrest, stressing that he was not a party to any conspiracy.

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