Twitter enables tweeting with 4K images on Android and iOS


Twitter has allowed all users to tweet (and display) 4K images on iOS and Android, and the Twitter web app already supports high-resolution images (up to 4096 x 4096), but mobile apps are limited to only half of that, and at a maximum resolution of 2048 x 2048, according to the verege.

The company had previously started testing 4K image uploads for mobile users earlier this year, as the feature is now rolling out to all users.

To enable the new feature, users will have to go to the “Data Usage” section in the Settings menu in the Twitter app and enable “High Quality Pictures” (for viewing 4K images) and “Upload high-quality images”.

Users can decide whether they want to enable HD images for both mobile network and Wi-Fi, or for Wi-Fi only, or disable it altogether – options similar to how Twitter handles higher resolution or automatic video playback.


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