Twitter stops completely due to a technical failure .. pictures


The social networking site “Twitter” suffered a technical malfunction that led to the platform being stopped completely, today, Saturday, leaving thousands of users without access to and tweeting through their accounts, as it appears that tweets are not downloaded or written, and they are logged out automatically, and when re-registering the word appears “error”.

Twitter disabled
Twitter disabled

Earlier in the day, the social networking site “Twitter” was subjected to a technical malfunction, leaving 40,000 users without access to Twitter via the social network, according to the British Mirror newspaper.“.


And users of the site began to report the problems about 6 hours ago, as many users confirmed that the tweets are not downloading and some said that they were unable to log into the application.

The technical support account for Twitter said that it is now working on solving the problem, and the technical support account wrote in a tweet: “Maybe tweets for some of you will not be uploaded.“.

About 40,000 Twitter users reported problems on the social media site 6 hours ago, according to the outage monitoring website

The site also published a “service outage map on Twitter, which shows the problems reported by people all over Europe and the United States.”.


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