“Two blows in one day” … Payments in the millions in the cases of Muhammad Ramadan and Tamer Amin


On Wednesday, the Egyptian courts included two cases, one of them by the artist Mohamed Ramadan and demanding that he pay compensation of millions of pounds, and the other to the media, Tamer Amin, in which he is demanding compensation from the sports critic Abdel Nasser Zidan, and the two cases are similar in one thing, which is to enter them under the name of “compensation cases”.

The artist Mohamed Ramadan

spent Cairo Economic CourtToday, Wednesday, to oblige Muhammad Ramadan, in the lawsuit of pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, in which the artist demands compensation for the damages he suffered as a result of the “plane image crisis” to pay 6 million pounds.

Magdy Helmy, the lawyer for the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yasser, demanded in his lawsuit No. 119 of 2020 compensation to his client 25 million pounds for the material and moral damages caused to him as a result of publishing the artist’s picture inside his client’s plane.

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He added in his lawsuit that The artist Mohamed Ramadan He took advantage of his client’s image to promote himself by publishing a video clip of a new song for him, which he called “You Are Not Looking At The Airport”, using the image of Captain Pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr in a pilot scene, which led to severe financial and moral damage to him .. And the Civil Aviation Authority signed, Punishment for the pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, to withdraw his license for life for violating safety standards while flying, in addition to withdrawing his assistant’s license for a year.

Journalist Tamer Amin

Today, Wednesday, the Cairo Economic Court set a session on May 19, to hear the first session of the journalist Tamer Amin’s case, in which the sports critic Abdel Nasser Zidan is demanding compensation of 10 million pounds, and Tamer’s defense attended and refused before the preparation judge of the Economic Court, reconciliation with the journalist Zidan .. and established “Amin” made his case on the back of the document that Abdel Nasser Zaidan published, videos containing insults, slander, defamation and violation of the sanctity of his private life.

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He added that the publication of “Zidan” of those videos on all social media sites and caused the plaintiff to do serious moral and material damages, which prompted him to file a lawsuit before the economic court for him to compensate him for 10 million pounds, and that these types of videos incite violence and contempt of others and do not take into account the consequences of them and address The law for such types of videos or statements will protect society from greater problems until all adhere to the values ​​and traditions of Egyptian society and the tone of insult and slander disappears.

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