Two people were killed in a terrible accident of a “Tesla” self-driving car


The accident took place in a city Houston In Texas, southern United States, on Saturday night.

Officials stated that the car “Tesla“The $ 80,000 price tag was traveling at breakneck speeds, when things got out of control at a dead end, veered out of their way, crashed into a tree and crashed and caught fire with the two passengers inside.”

The car is a 2019 model year and is fully electric and self-driving.

A local police officer said that the investigation concluded that neither of the two passengers was in the driver’s seat at the time of the accident, and the first was sitting in the additional front seat and the second in the back.

The two men were adopting the “autopilot” system, a term given to the autonomous driving of a vehicle, which has met with much criticism.

It took rescue teams 4 hours and massive amounts of water to extinguish the fire that caught the car.

Rescuers had to contact Tesla at the time of the fire, to inquire about how to extinguish the fire when the car battery caught fire.

According to the American newspaper “The New York Times”, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States stated that it is investigating 23 Tesla vehicle accidents.

Faced with the raging criticism on the Internet, the billionaire founder of the company came out Elon Musk For his silence.

Musk tweeted, saying that electric cars powered by “autopilot” face 10 times fewer traffic accidents than regular cars.


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