Two Syrian directors before the courts because of an actress on “Chicago Street”



Two Syrian directors before the court due to an actress in


The lawyer of the Syrian director, Muhammad Abdel Aziz, filed a lawsuit in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Tuesday, against his colleague Samir Hussein for insulting and defamation.

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Sulaf Fawakherji .. my mom is with me on Chicago Street!

Syrian lawyer Rami Al-Khair said that the public and personal right lawsuit was initiated against a colleague of his client after media statements that included accusations of “sadism.”

Lawyer Rami Al-Khair, in his capacity as the legal representative of director Muhammad Abdel Aziz, announced, through his personal account on the “Facebook” website, that he had filed a lawsuit against director Samir Hussein in light of statements he made on Syria TV and Al-Alam TV.

Al-Khair said that Hussein accused his client of being “a sadist and not a director, and that an actress in (Chicago Street) was beaten and that he did not understand him in the art of acting.”

According to the lawyer, this is considered defamation, defamation and professional abuse punishable by the Syrian Penal Code, and as a result of consultations between the lawyer and his client about the matter, they went to the Syrian judiciary.

The series “Chicago Street” directed by Muhammad Abdel Aziz has set a real precedent in the history of Syrian drama, in terms of controversy, high viewership rates, and even the mass attack, or the difference in critical opinions about it. This has happened since the first show of the work, even though it was on the encrypted osn channel.

The poster in which Soulaf Fawakherji appeared, kissing her colleague, Mehyar Khaddour, the two stars of the work, a great deal of controversy, in addition to a large group of vocabulary that the viewer is not used to hearing in the drama.

Source: Lebanese News


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