Urban reveals a surprise about his future


12:58 AM

Monday, April 12, 2021

Books – Muhammad Hammam:

Essam El-Hadary, the former legend of the Egyptian goalkeeper, revealed that it is possible to work as a technical manager and not as a goalkeeper coach.

Al-Hadari’s statements came on the “Ontime Sports 2” screen in the early hours of Monday morning: “I was keen to obtain a B license from the AFC, as the African Union does not hold courses at the present time.”

Al-Hadari said during my statements: “The certificate from the AFC will make me work in all Arab leagues, unlike the certificate from the African Union is not recognized.”

“It is possible to work as a technical manager and not as a goalkeeper coach. I have offers at the current time,” Al-Hadari said.

Regarding his position on working in Egypt, he replied: “If Egypt asks for both of my eyes to give it to me, I will not refuse if I receive an offer.”

Several messages sent by Al-Hadari were the beginning of Mohamed Abdel-Monsef and not joining the Egyptian team in the recent period: “Abdel-Monsef, from my point of view, will not join the Egyptian team unless there is a foreign technical director.”

He continued, “The Egyptian body will focus on ages, and we must respect the technical staff’s point of view because it will bear responsibility and they will be held accountable for decisions.”

On the authority of Sharif Ikrami, he said: “If my honor is successful in the recent period, he must focus and not look at the speech if it is negative or positive. I know Sharif very well and he must close his ears.”

Al-Hadari concluded his remarks on Mahdi Suleiman: “Mahdi is one of the guards, he is not lucky due to the presence of Ikrami and Al-Shennawi, and I told Mehdi if there were any problems he tried to solve and asked him to exercise and frankly Al-Mahdi was accepting of every need.”


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