Urgent .. Health announces a plan to deal with celebrations and events


The Ministry of Health and Population announced the preventive medicine plan regarding precautionary measures to prevent the emerging corona virus, which must be followed when holding celebrations or events.

The ministry explained that in the event of water coolers, single-use cups must be provided, and when symptoms (fever – cough – difficulty breathing) are felt, medical service is requested early and the health care provider is informed of the previous travel date or any movements before symptoms appear or the date of contact with a person Injured or foreign.

The Ministry stressed the need to wear a medical mask with the need to dispose of it after use in a safe manner, and if the nose or mouth is covered with a tissue while sneezing or coughing, it is disposed of by placing it in an airtight bag and then washing hands immediately, and to ensure the availability of paper tissues in the place and provide means of protection For cleaners.

The Ministry indicated that thermal scanners should be available at the entrances so that the temperatures of the participants are monitored and the suspects are directed to the nearest medical facility with the need to take necessary and continuous measures to clean the halls and disinfect them with appropriate disinfectants.

The Ministry emphasized the provision of hand washing basins, soap and paper napkins in the attached toilets, with the necessity to alert the participants – to wash hands frequently with water and use disinfectants, and to ensure that the venue of the event is clean and healthy by diligently wiping and disinfecting surfaces of tables – devices – keyboards “, with diluted chlorine or Antiseptics.

The ministry added that good respiratory hygiene practices must be followed when coughing and sneezing, and making sure to cover the mouth and nose with your bent elbow or a tissue, and dispose of the tissue immediately after that in the trash and wash hands, making sure the availability of paper tissues, and the need to maintain the availability of appropriate environmental spaces between people. (At least two meters between each person).

The ministry warned against exchanging personal items such as (cups – towels) and avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth with an unwashed and unclean hand.

The ministry said that the hotline 105 must be called to provide the necessary inquiries about the emerging corona virus, mechanisms to prevent it, and to recognize the symptoms related to the virus.


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