Urgent: The prosecution issues its decision in the case of the singer Hassan Shakoush


The Nasr City Prosecutor issued its decision to release festivals singer Hassan Shakoush on bail of 20 thousand pounds, and to detain others until the investigation was received after they were arrested yesterday on charges of opening enough without a license.

The security forces at the Nasr City Court also prevented everyone from Beccas mother-in-law Omar Kamal and Shehta Karika from entering the courtroom to meet their friend Hassan Shakoush, as the latter appeared before the prosecution and was accompanied by security workers and personnel sufficient to interrogate them on charges of opening sufficient without a license.

The names of the security personnel and the workers of al-Kafiya are Ahmed Awni Al-Sayed, Mr. Jamal, Muhammad Khaled Ibrahim, Ismail Saeed Sabri, Rabi` Fawad Ali Al-Sayed, Hossam Amer, Muhammad Shaker Hassan, Ahmed Mahmoud Muhammad, Ahmed Muhammad Ali, Ziad Raafat, Attar Muhammad, Muhammad Qasim, Mahmoud Muhammad Ismail, Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim, Muhammad Hassan Ahmed and Ibrahim Suleiman, Mahmoud Saber and Fathi El Desouki.

The guards of the Misdemeanor Court of Nasr City put the festivals singer Hassan shakoush He was inside custody during the consideration of the case after the security services arrested him in the early hours of Monday morning after he opened a mafkaf cafe on Anwar Al-Mufti Street in Nasr City, Cairo.

While the cafe was closed and waxed due to the detection of several violations and the discovery of a large number of hookahs, which were seized in addition to large gatherings between young men and girls who attended the opening ceremony and also violated the precautionary measures to prevent from Corona Virus Newcomer Covid 19.


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