User Market Manager explains the reality of running a new car city


3:00 pm

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Books – Mohamed Gamal:

Brigadier General Ibrahim Ismail, Executive Director of Used Car Markets in Cairo Governorate, denied the reports regarding the start of the new car city that is being built on the (Cairo – Ain Sokhna) road.

Recently, pioneers on social media circulated news of the opening of the new car market, which replaces the central market of Nasr City in the tenth district of Nasr City, east of Cairo.

A number of used car dealers posted on Facebook pages specialized in cars, some pictures from inside the new site of the market, in reference to the start of its reception of citizens.

Ibrahim said in a statement to Masrawy that the new car city is still under construction, and that it does not yet contain any services such as the real estate registry office, bank branches, the market administration authority, technical inspection and evaluation offices, and others.

He explained that an official date has not yet been set for the opening of the new city, noting that the National Roads Company will be the supervisor of the management and operation of the new market.

He added that the market, in its new outfit and location, is not qualified to operate yet due to the incomplete facilities of the place, and therefore the widespread images do not refer to the functioning of the market, and the owners are responsible for them.

He stressed that the new city, which will replace the tenth market in Nasr City, will include all car showrooms in Cairo and Giza, as well as small merchants.

The executive director of used car markets previously confirmed that the services that will be provided to consumers and merchants alike within the new used car city are unprecedented and may come as a surprise to many Egyptians.

He pointed out that the most prominent services that will be available, prevent the sale of any car inside the city halls without a comprehensive report on its technical condition documented by a specialized company, and the customer will have the right to return to that company in the event that the car does not comply with the report.

He pointed out that the new city will also contain many bank branches, in order to make it easier for citizens who want to buy as well as merchants in their financial dealings.

It is noteworthy that the new car market, which is located 500 meters before the gates of the Suez Road, is built on an area of ​​more than 250 thousand square meters, which is almost twice the area of ​​the old market, and accommodates about 9,200 cars.

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