Vacancies in the General Office of South Sinai Governorate .. Look at the conditions and presented


Many young people in the Arab Republic of Egypt are looking for a job opportunity and a suitable job for him, after completing his academic career, whether university or other, and here we are on the “Al Hadaf site” we present daily an important job bulletin for all young people in Egypt and for all qualifications.

Vacancies for young people 2021

In this article we will talk about Jobs Available and available and announced by the Governorate of South Sinai, where the governorate announced its need to fill some job titles, according to the Sarki “daily wage” system, to work at the governorate’s general office.

South Sinai Governorate Jobs:

The Governor of South Sinai, Major General Khaled Fouda, announced the need for the governorate to occupy 22 positions to work at the General Office of the Sarki system, including the following:

6 – To occupy a position as an accountant, provided that they have a bachelor’s degree in commerce and are fluent in computers.
– Petrol mechanic.
– diesel mechanic.
– Car electrician.
– 3 washing and lubricating workers to work with the mechanical load.
A literal number to work on calligraphy in the Roads and Transport Directorate, provided that literacy is obtained at least.
– 2 Surveying specialist position, subject to obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in surveying specialization, or a suitable higher qualification in a space specialization.

the required conditions:

The job applicant must pass the personal interview.
He should not have been previously convicted in any criminal cases.

Required Documents:

Copy of academic qualification.
A copy of a valid national ID.
A copy of the birth certificate.
A picture of the position on military service.

Applications are submitted at the General Administration of Human Resources, at the Governorate General Office, and only 5 days are left for submission.


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