Vice President of Zamalek: If Al-Ahly requested the purchase of Zizou, we will discuss the offer


Counselor Hisham Ibrahim, Deputy Chairman of the Zamalek Committee, confirmed that Ibrahim Abdullah’s resignation from the White Castle Committee was rejected, and that negotiations to extend the contract of Ashraf bin Sharqi and Ferjani Sassi were close to success, stressing that he would discuss Al-Ahly’s offer to join Zizou if it happened.

Counselor Hisham Ibrahim said in a telephone interview with the Stars program in Ramadan on Youth and Sports radio broadcast with radio station Najla Helmy and sports critic Muhammad Araqi, “It is difficult to accept Ibrahim Abdullah’s resignation from the Zamalek Committee, because he has an important role in the White Castle, and therefore his services cannot be dispensed with. In any way. “

Hisham Ibrahim added, “Farajani Sassi and Ashraf bin Sharqi are continuing with Zamalek, and there is a desire to extend their contracts and the players welcome to continue with the club, and when funds are available we will immediately announce the extension of the contract of Sassi and Bin Sharqi.”

On the authority of Ahmed El-Sayed Zizou, Zamalek deputy said, “We are not distracted by the pictures spread on social media. We are in an institutional work and there are foundations for dealing with players.”

Regarding his comment in the event of an official offer from Al-Ahly to contract with Zizo, Hisham Ibrahim said, “We have no objection to discussing any offer, provided it arrives in an official capacity in accordance with the rules of the institutional work with which we manage the Zamalek club.”

Regarding Zamalek’s complaint with El Kef about the Champions League, the Zamalek deputy said, “The club did not come out with an active act from the Champions League. I, as a judge, do not indict anyone except with evidence. .

About the summit, Hisham Ibrahim said, “A summit and a feast for Egyptian football. Our players are men and they have determination and determination to win to stay at the top of the league, God willing, a match in which there is a high sporting spirit between the two clubs.”


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