Video – Ahmed Fahmy’s bravery drew the audience and shouted at a star: “Shut up.”


The artist Ahmed Fahmy fell victim to the prank that is carried out as part of the “Five Stars” program presented by five stars on MBC Egypt, after he was persuaded that he was participating in an advertisement for a car competition with the artist Ghada Adel.

During a chase between the car that Ahmed Fahmy was driving and in which Ghada Adel was also driving and another car, the latter collided with a building and an explosion occurred, and the driver caught fire, and they accused Fahmi of causing his death, so the latter quarreled with the representatives and bodyguards, who asked them to guard him, and when Ghada started to Increasing tension in the situation and provoking Fahmy, shouting in it, “You can shut up.”

Fahmy called his brother, the artist Karim Fahmy, to help him from this situation, without knowing that Karim was one of the participants in the plot.

“Five Stars” is a dumps program presented on mbc channel, presented by five stars of art: Karim Fahmy, Mustafa Qamar, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Ghada Adel and Nour al-Lebanon, and it depends on the rhythm of one of the stars in a dilemma prepared for him by one of the hosts of the program and is close to him.


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