Video of a policeman killing a 13-year-old boy in shocking states


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Friday, April 16, 2021


On Thursday, the city of Chicago authorities released a video recording showing a policeman killing a 13-year-old minor, in “unbearable” scenes, according to the mayor of the third city in the United States, who called for calm.

In the video taken by a pedestrian camera attached to a policeman’s head, two policemen can be seen chasing Adam Toledo, who is of Latin origin, and instructing him to stand up and raise his hands. Then he is shot while the teenager stops and raises his hands in the air.

A prosecutor confirmed that Adam Toledo was armed, but that no weapon could be seen in the video.

Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot described these scenes, in a press conference Thursday before their publication, as “unbearable,” calling on residents to remain calm at a time of heightened tension over police violence in the country.

Amid the trial of the white policeman accused of killing African-American George Floyd in May 2020, Donty Wright was murdered in Minneapolis by a policewoman asserting that she had mistaken her Amiri pistol and the Taiser’s electric stun gun.

Toledo family’s lawyer, Adina Weiss-Ortiz, told reporters, “Whether Adam was a boy serving in the church or was involved in bad activity, the reality is that he was walking in the street and was killed without being armed” when he was killed.

The teenager was killed on March 29 at around 02:30 am.

Police received a call after information about a shooting and chased the teenager and a 21-year-old with him, Robin Roman. The latter was quickly arrested, but a policeman kept chasing Adam of Toledo before she was shot.

An aide to a prosecutor in the county including Chicago explained that Toledo was carrying a weapon when he was shot.

But a Cook County spokeswoman told local WGN Thursday that the plaintiff “was not fully informed before speaking during a hearing.”

Ben Crump, the lawyer for the George Floyd family, wrote in a tweet that the scenes are “horrific and shocking and (constitute) a new reminder of the scourge of police violence that we still suffer from in America, and of the urgent need for police reform!”

On Thursday, small groups gathered in downtown Chicago to peacefully protest the killing of the teen after the footage was published. Some chanted, “Jail the two policemen!”, According to what local media reported.

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