Video: The former Saudi preacher “Abu Street Al-Qahtani” danced to the song “Sad” dreams … and a shock in Saudi Arabia


A number of the pioneers of the social networking site “Twitter” circulated a video clip of the former preacher Abu Street Al-Qahtani, dancing on a song belonging to the singer “Ahlam Al Shamsi”.

The former preacher ““ Al-Qahtani ”appeared in the video clip, where he was filming himself inside his house while he was dancing and repeating the words of the song, and he commented on the clip, saying:“ Abu Hazeen Street ”

Abu Al-Qahtani Street was dancing wearing a red T-shirt, in addition to that he appeared with a new haircut and a new beard, and he also wore a bracelet in his hand.

What is the story of the Saudi preacher Abu Al-Qahtani Street? What is the reaction of the pioneers of social media?

The Saudi circles and the pioneers of social networking sites in the Kingdom had entered a state of shock after the appearance of the preacher Abu Street Al-Qahtani in a video clip while he was dancing the song of the Emirati singer Ahlam Al-Shamsi, where a hashtag named “Abu Shari” was issued on the trend list on the “Twitter” site in Saudi Arabia, The followers showed their silence and surprise with what the former preacher does, such as dancing and singing, wondering about the reason.

Of course, the matter was not without comments about this shocking matter for the pioneers of Saudi social media, who were divided into two groups. One group called, saying: “Oh God, prove our hearts to your religion,” while others considered that it was his freedom and even that he returned from the stage of extremism.


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