Vostochny Space Airport prepares to launch a batch of OneWeb satellites


The “Ross Cosmos” Foundation announced that preparations are underway at the Russian “Vostochny” space airport to launch a new batch of OneWeb satellites into Earth orbits, and a statement issued by the Foundation said, “A new batch of 36 OneWeb satellites recently arrived at Ignativo Airport in the Russian city of Blagoveshinsk. , On board an An-124-100 cargo plane, and preparations are underway for the launch of these satellites from Russias Vostochny Space Airport.

According to RT, the statement added, “The number of OneWeb satellites present in low Earth orbits is currently 146 satellites, with the next batch being launched, bringing the number to 182, and hundreds of other satellites are planned to be launched.”

The director of the Russian “Ros Cosmos” Foundation, Dmitry Rogozin, had previously indicated that the launches of the OneWeb satellites into space this year may set a record, as it is assumed that batches of these satellites will be launched every month throughout the year.

OneWeb plans to launch a system of small and medium-sized satellites to orbit at altitudes ranging between 800 and 950 km from the surface of the Earth, and cover most of its areas with a fast-performance Internet.

The first 6 satellites of this system were sent to Earth orbits on February 28, 2019 using a Russian “Soyuz” missile launched from the Kuru space base, and on February 7, 2020, 34 other satellites were launched from the “Baikonur” base in Kazakhstan, and then a group of satellites were launched in March of the year. In December 2020, the first launch of these satellites was carried out from the Russian “Vostochny” space airport, and on March 25, another 36 satellites were launched into Earth orbits.


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