Wael Jumaa comments on the case of Imam Ashour


Wael Gomaa, captain of the Egyptian national team and the former Al-Ahly club, criticized the behavior of Imam Ashour, the midfielder of Zamalek, and what he did on the sidelines of the crisis of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match, born 99.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Egyptian Football Association decided to suspend Imam Ashour for 12 matches due to his participation and a number of his colleagues, by insulting a number of Al-Ahly club symbols.

Wael Gomaa said in statements to “Hitara Show” via “YouTube” What happened after the match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, born 99 farce in the right of Egyptian football and the management of Egyptian football, what happened shows how random the ball is managed, there are no regulations, discipline, or system that leads to success “.

And he continued, “We do not know who manages the ball in Egypt. The situation reached us because of our inability to make decisions and penalties in a junior match. The basis of success is good organization and management. The committee responsible for managing the ball in Egypt cannot make a clear decision regarding a youth match.

“A player made a mistake, the whole world is divided over the penalty, regardless of Al-Ahly or Zamalek, this player made a mistake. If he was from Al-Ahly, you would have slaughtered him, and unfortunately there are those who defend this behavior, there is no concern for the players’ behavior.”

He stressed, “A non-player in Egyptian football went out to insult professors and symbols of Egyptian football and people with a great history, the first of whom is Hassan Hamdy, who are you to insult Hassan Hamdy and the symbols of the Al-Ahly club, and unfortunately there are those who defend this foolish behavior, from a player who has not done anything for Egyptian football yet.”

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