Wael Jumaa: The tie preserved the dignity of Al-Ahly


Wael Jumaa, the former captain of the Al-Ahly team, said that the tie achieved by the red team preserved the team’s dignity after the end of the Al-Merrikh match, with a score (2-2).

Al-Ahly had snatched a valuable draw at the expense of Al-Merrikh, after turning two goals behind to a 2-2 draw within the accounts of the fifth round of the group stage of the CAF Champions League competition.

“Al-Ahly showed its danger in the last 15 minutes and as a result of the changes with the exploitation of the retreat of Mars in terms of the physical level,” Jumaa added in statements on the “beIN Sports 4” screen.

He continued, “I do not want to say the draw is unfair, especially since Mars has squandered many available opportunities.”

Jumaa continued his remarks: “We wanted to get out of the winning result, especially since the last match was going to be against Simba in Cairo and there was a chance to win.”

Wael Gomaa criticized coach Pitso Musimani, saying: “Musimani presented his worst first season since he was appointed to lead Al-Ahly, and Musimane is always not good in the first half.”

He continued: “This match is an opportunity to learn, especially since the upcoming matches do not have an opportunity to learn.”

He ended: “There are players who are not stable, I do not want to mention names, these players must have an alternative to them in order to provoke them.”

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly is part of the second boarding pass of the first group competitions, after reaching the eighth point, where Simba secured the lead after his landslide victory over the Vita Club (4-1).


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