Walid Salah Abd Al-Latif to Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV: Osama Nabih’s departure from Zamalek is rejected … and mourning sales are required


Walid Salah Abdel Latif, the former star of Zamalek, defended Osama Nabih, the general coach of the white team, stressing that he plays a very important role in restoring discipline within the ranks of Zamalek, and it must be continued and supported by the White Castle management.

The former Zamalek striker confirmed, in statements to the analytical studio on Al-Youm Al-Sabea television, presented by Omar Al-Ayoubi, that Zamalek’s general coach has succeeded in re-commitment, and his strong personality makes there a rejection of some non-committed players, and this calls for his support because the role of the football manager is required in Zamalek as a team that includes A large number of stars.

Walid Salah Abdel Latif asked the Zamalek management to buy Saif El-Din Al-Jaziri, the striker of the team loaned from the contractors, because he is an excellent striker, and he will be a strong addition to the white team in the future, and he only needs time to express his capabilities and prove his worth, and Marwan Hamdy is a good striker, and we must be patient with him.

And on Hamid Haddad, the former Zamalek striker revealed that the Moroccan player is not fit to play in the ranks of the White Castle, and despite scoring two goals in the White Quad in the National Bank, his level does not qualify him to play in the ranks of a large team the size of Zamalek, and so I advise the club to sell him at the end of the season.

Zamalek scored a four-goal victory over Al-Ahly Bank, Al-Zamalek Yusef Obama scored in the 7th minute, Hamid Haddad in the 18th and 43rd minutes, and Ahmed Sayed Zizou from a penalty kick in the 96th minute, and Al-Ahly Bank scored Asim Salah’s goal from a 67-year-old penalty kick, and with this The result, Zamalek continues to occupy the top of the league with 39 points, amassing 17 games, while Al-Ahly Bank freezes at 14 points.


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