“Waraqat Beida” is a short film that captures the suffering of an employee due to his mother, who is ill with Alzheimer’s disease


There is no doubt that the mother in our life represents the blessing of the whole life, and in a new experience produced by The Seventh Day, the young actor Hazem Abdel Samad, with the able artist Lubna Wans, starred in a short fictional film whose story revolves around his mother’s affliction with Alzheimer’s, so he retrieves his memories with her as a young child. After his manager has given him a sponsorship or class.

The film “Waraqet Beida” starring Lubna Wannas, Hazem Abdel Samad, Gamal Abdel Nasser, the child Adam Saeed, Youssef Rizk, Sherif Sayed, Nada Hegazy, Nada Sameh, El-Saidi, Ahmed Jaafari, Kholoud Khaled, Ashraf Fawzy, Neama Al Halawani, and Mahmoud Assaf, And Sayed El-Araby, and written by Mahmoud Jamaica, director of photography Mohammed Youssef, producer of outlet Youssef Rashid.

This is in addition to the work makeup of Lamia Mahmoud and Hend Ahmed, work hairdresser Mohamed Sobhy, Stylist Nardin Emad, Editing by Nanis Ihab, color treatment by Nameer Jalal, soundtrack to Shady Monis, sound engineering, Islam Samir, assistant director, first director Hossam Tiger, the script of Hazem Ezzat, the cover design Karim Adel, produced by The Seventh Day, General Supervision of the film Shady Abu Al-Hassan, directed by Muhammad Nabil.


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