Warning … an Arab country is exposed to a huge wave of toxic sulfur dioxide gas


The Iraqi “Nas” channel reported that weather forecasts today, Saturday, indicate a ‘huge’ wave of sulfur dioxide gas heading towards the country, resulting from a volcanic bombardment on the Italian island of Sicily.

According to the aerial expert, Sadiq Attiyah, who said in statements to Nas TV, that “according to what environmental maps monitor, the arrival of a huge wave of sulfur dioxide So2 heading towards the Levant, then Iraq and Turkey, was thrown by the volcano” Atna “in the Italian island of Sicily, which erupted for the seventeenth time. Consecutively last night, and it will cross our airspace within 48 hours. ”

He also added, “Sulfur dioxide is considered a toxic gas if its concentration increases in the air. It is colorless and has a pungent odor, and is naturally formed from volcanic activity and the decomposition of organic matter.

He continued: It can also be manufactured by burning sulfur or heating mineral sulfur compounds, and this gas is released into the atmosphere from oil refineries, factories and power plants that consume coal or oil.

“In this atmosphere, people breathe sulfur dioxide, which irritates the eye membranes and the respiratory system, and can dissolve in water droplets to form harmful acid rain,” he concluded.

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