Warning of obedience to Amina Khalil due to “let your mind off Zizi”


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About a woman who is compelled to file a lawsuit for divorce to face a warning of obedience from her husband .. The first promo of the series “Let Your Mind From Zizi” reviewed a set of social and comedic situations that the artist Amina Khalil is involved in during the series in which she is participating in the next Ramadan race.

The artist Amina Khalil and the artist Mohamed Mamdouh – archive photo

The promo was launched on social media … and the actress Amina Khalil is involved in the dramatic race for the Ramadan 2021 season in the series, which co-stars Muhammad Mamdouh, Ali Qasim, Salwa Muhammad Ali, and Safaa al-Toukhi, and the series is written by a narration workshop under the supervision of writing by Maryam Naoum, scenario and dialogue Mona El-Shimi and Magdy Amin, directed by Karim El-Shennawi … and is shown on the channel “mbc Egypt”.

It is noteworthy that Amina Khalil’s last dramatic work is the series “Les Laa”, which is her first absolute heroism, and it was written by a narration workshop under the supervision of Maryam Naoum, a scenario and dialogue by Dina Najm and Majdi Amin, and directed by Maryam Abu Auf, and a large number of stars participated in the tournament, including Hala Sidqi, And Sherine Reda, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Maryam Al-Khasht, Hani Adel, Omar Al-Saeed, and Nardine Farag.

In the cinema, she recently showed her the movie “Curfew” with Ilham Shaheen, written and directed by Amir Ramses.

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