Washington: Security alert around the Capitol and casualties (video)


07:42 PM

Friday 02nd April 2021


American media published the first footage of a transfer of injured people around the Capitol, after a speeding car broke into the outside fence of the building.

It was reported that two US officers were wounded in a shooting around the Capitol building.

Al-Arabiya TV reported that preliminary information indicates that there were wounded after a car penetrated a security barrier of the Capitol building.

And Capitol security in the vicinity of the building called for protection, according to what was reported by Al-Sharq TV.

And American media reported, there were injuries in a shooting in front of the Congress building.

For her part, the White House spokeswoman, Jane Saki, confirmed that there is nothing to worry about what is happening in the Capitol building, after it was closed due to an “external threat.”

And closed the security authorities in the American capital, Washington, the Capitol building, which houses inside the Congress, due to “an external threat.”

Last January, the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, witnessed riots from supporters of former US President Donald Trump.

Last February, the security authorities announced to reduce the security presence of National Guard members in the capital after they were summoned due to “external threats.”

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