Watch – a video by Angie Khoury as well as Khaled Youssef’s pornographic films – watch


Beirut – Aseel Al-Ahmar – everyone still remembers the films of the Egyptian director Khaled Youssef and his pornographic heroines last year, and this issue continues to concern everyone after the actresses got out of prison and practiced their lives normally, while Khaled is still in Paris.

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This year, the Syrian, Angie Khoury, entered this line, and began publishing her pornographic and sexy pictures that are all tempting, and she was famous for her bold images that were not accepted by the Arabs, and after that, she entered Jebi prison and then entered Syria prison.

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Today, we arrived, a sexual video of this Syrian woman, and she was having sex with one of them, and everything was documented with a video.

You have lost sex
Fatima Nasr

Fatima Nasr

A journalistic editor, a graduate of media in the journalism department, I edit news and reports from social media and talk show. I understand the volume of rumors spreading in the new media, so my work is like an investigator. I look closely and follow all the links to reach what I trust is the truth.


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