Watch .. Messi scores a global goal from a typical attack he led from midfield


Watch .. Messi scores a global goal from a typical attack he led from midfield

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Argentine star, Lionel Messi, led his team to Barcelona to overwhelm Athletic Bilbao, 4-0, in the Copa del Rey final, on Saturday.

Messi scored a double in the 68th and 72nd minutes, and contributed to the first goal scored by Frenchman Antoine Griezmann, in the 60th minute, by Dutchman Frenkie de Jong, scoring the second goal, in the 63rd minute.

The third goal Messi scored, in the 68th minute, was the most beautiful in the match, as “the flea” himself led an attack from the middle of the field, and exchanged the ball with De Young at the edge of the penalty area, before penetrating into it and manipulating one of the defenders of Bilbao, and hit the ball with his left, creeping on Guardian oath.

With this victory, Barcelona regained the Spanish Cup title and compensated for its loss in the final year before last against Valencia, in the fall of the then first loss after dominating the domestic cup that lasted for four years, between 2015 and 2018.

Also, this title is the first for Barcelona under the leadership of Dutch coach Ronald Koeman.

Winning the King’s Cup for the seventh time in Messi’s career would be an important factor in deciding his future with the club, as his contract expires next summer, but certainly not decisive because his happiness lies in his team’s return to the track of victories at the continental level in the Champions League competition, which He has not been crowned “Barca” since 2015.

Source: RT + agencies


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