Watch … the Miky Way galaxy and a glimpse of Earth, with an image from a space station


Astronaut Soichi Noguchi posted a beautiful snapshot of the Milky Way galaxy from its prime location on the International Space Station (ISS), the stunning image also offers a glimpse of Earth some 250 miles away, according to Digital Trends.

The Japanese astronaut quickly emerged as a resident photographer among the station’s current crew after arriving there last year, regularly posting exciting photos of space, the moon, and various locations on Earth.

Many of the snapshots are captured from the station’s Dome Observatory, which has seven windows, which gives visiting astronauts a panoramic view of their surroundings.

And recently, several of the International Space Station crew members were posting photos captured through a window on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft currently docked at the station, here’s a recent effort cut from Resilience by a NASA astronaut and current International Space Station crew member Mike Hopkins.

The American astronaut’s comment about “New Home” refers to a recent flight maneuver that moved the capsule from one docking port to another in preparation for the arrival of other spacecraft, of course, you don’t have to be on the International Space Station to get amazing images of space.

In keeping with its photography theme, NASA recently showcased the 20 best photos of the Earth captured over the years by various astronauts visiting the space station.

The impressive photos include everything from stunning landscapes to sprawling cities, while many of the photos highlight some of the environmental challenges currently facing our planet.

Noguchi has spent a lot of time enjoying photography in space, he has been on the International Space Station since November 2020 and is due to return to Earth with Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker aboard the Crew Dragon Resilience at the end of this month.

Three new crew members arrived on board the Russian Soyuz spacecraft last weekend, so there are currently 10 people on board.

Kate Robins of NASA, Sergey Rijjikov of the Russian Space Agency, and Sergey Cod-Svereshkov will also leave the International Space Station in the coming days after a six-month period in space, leaving room for four crew-2 astronauts who will arrive on another capsule later this month. Yes, it’s a very busy month for the International Space Station.


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