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Watch the Paris Saint-Germain and Lille match broadcast live today 04/03/2021, the French League


Watch the Paris Saint-Germain and Night match

Live broadcast of the Paris Saint-Germain match against Lille Paris SG vs Lille OSC The Paris Saint-Germain team will host at its stadium the Parc de Prince in the French capital Paris the Lille team at five oclock in the evening Cairo time within the framework of the thirty-first week of the French League, first class, which is broadcast live And exclusively on BBC Sport One, accompanied by a voiceover and a detailed description of the match, in addition to the analytical studio accompanying the match.

Paris Saint-Germain was able to ascend the throne of the French League after playing thirty matches in the current season of the French League and was able to win in twenty matches, while Paris Saint-Germain was defeated in seven of the three matches it has fought so far, while the tie was the decisive one. For three of the three matches played by Paris Saint-Germain, his score stops at sixty-three points, and he is ranked first, equal to his guest in tonight’s match, the Lille team in the number of points, even if it is bettered by goal difference.

As for Lille, second-ranked club so far, with the same score of its host, Paris Saint-Germain, where it has played thirty games so far, the current season of the French League, first division, has only been defeated in three games and managed to win eighteen matches and the draw was The decisive factor for nine matches, bringing his total to sixty-three points, to settle in second place after Paris Saint-Germain on goal difference, where he managed to score fifty points, while he conceded nineteen goals in his own net.

Paris Saint-Germain vs Lille match card

  • 🏆 Championship: Spanish League.
  • 🏅 The tour: week 31.
  • 🏟️ Stadium: Parc des Princes.
  • 🎤 Voiceover: Jawad Baddah.
  • 📺 Conveyor channels: BN Sport 2.
  • When: 05:00 pm (GMT + 2).
  • Date: Tuesday (03-04-2021).
  • The result: Paris Saint-Germain 0-0 night.


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