Watching Al-Ahly and Simba, Tanzanian .. Land and open carrier channels and formation


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Al-Ahly of Egypt will face its Tanzanian counterpart Simba Friday 4-7-2021 at Al-Salam Stadium, Al-Ahly Stadium, in the final round of the 2021 CAF Champions League Groups League.

Al-Ahly club’s rise to the quarter-finals of the African Champions League was confirmed with Al-Ahly club, after Tanzanian Simba, the group leader, secured second place in the group.

Search engines showed that Al-Ahly fans want to know the date of the match between Al-Ahly and Simba, the Tanzanian, and the transmission channels, watch the live broadcast of the match, and know the standings of the two teams in the group during the last hours.

The date of the match between Al-Ahly and Simba, Tanzania, is Friday 9-4-2021

The match between Al-Ahly and Simba, Tanzania, will be played at nine oclock in the evening, Egyptian local time, in a live broadcast at Al-Salam Way Al-Ahly Stadium in Cairo Governorate. You can watch the Al-Ahly and Simba Tanzanian match on the Bein Sports channel with Essam Chawali’s voice commentary on the following channels:

beIN Sports HD 4

beIN Sports Fr 6 HD max

beIN Sports Connect

A terrestrial channel broadcasting the Al-Ahly and Simba match of Tanzania

You can watch Time Sport on terrestrial television from the terrestrial frequency UHF 32 and the first steps for choosing the Time Sport channel on terrestrial television, then you can install the Time Sport channel on terrestrial television to watch the Al-Ahly and Simba match, and you must install the receiving cable for terrestrial television channels on the television screen, disconnect the receiver From the TV screen from the broadcast button to the terrestrial reception.

In the event that the channel does not exist, press the settings on your remote control, then press the button for channels, do tuning the channel setting, press automatic tuning and choose digital search and wait for the channel to be installed in order to watch the Al Ahly and Simba Tanzanian match

An open channel that broadcasts the Al-Ahly and Simba Tanzanian match

The match will also be broadcast on the Maxby satellite channel, and the Maxby Channel frequency is 11411 horizontal, with a coding rate of 27500.

The expected Al-Ahly formation for the Simba match comes as follows:

In the goalkeeper: Muhammad Al-Shennawi.

Defense: Mohamed Hani, Badr Bannon, Ayman Ashraf, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham.

Middle: Amr Al-Soulia, Aliou Diang.

In the midst of the attack: Muhammad Majdi Afsha, Hussein Al Shahat, Junior Ajay.

In the attack: Muhammad Sharif.

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