“We wanted to draw attention.” Volkswagen apologizes after “the inconvenient joke”


The German car giant said that it was seeking to promote “April Fools”, in a ploy by its Public Relations Department to draw attention to the launch of a new car.

On Tuesday, the US unit of the company confirmed that it will change the name of its operations in the United States to “Volkswagen of America”, with the shift of its focus to electric cars.

According to the false news that you published. “VolkswagenAnd it was reported by the media, the new name will take effect next May.

The company’s announcement came after media outlets broadcast, on Monday, a draft statement that was mistakenly published on the company’s US website bearing the false name.

The company continued to lie, when the president and CEO of its US unit, Scott Q, said in a statement: “We may change letters, but we will not change the brand’s commitment to making best-in-class cars for drivers and for all people everywhere.”

But she apologized Wednesday, announcing that the incorrect name “Voltswagen of America” ​​was nothing but “April Fools”, launched a little early.

There was a feeling of frustration from Volkswagen officials that its efforts in the field of producing electric cars had attracted less interest from the media and the public, compared to the company.TeslaAmerican.

A Volkswagen spokesman told Reuters that the company had intended to raise the image of the new car in a “fun and interesting way.” He added, “The numerous positive reactions on social media showed that the campaign resonated with consumers.”

However, he continued, “At the same time, we realize that the advertisement disturbed some people. We apologize for any confusion caused by this.”

The “Volkswagen” has announced its commitment to sell one million Electric car Worldwide by 2025, and the launch of 70 electric models of the various brands of the group in 2029.


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