What are the challenges of Clubhouse with the epidemic confining and reproducing its idea on other platforms?


The Clubhouse voice chat app that was launched during the pandemic has acquired; Over 10 million invite-only iOS app downloads; The idea worked so much that most social media sites began copying it, according to the verege.

However, the company faces challenges primarily related to the decline of the epidemic, with people paying more attention to social contact in real life rather than conversations facilitated by their phones.

But for people who end up wanting to talk to each other online, they will soon have more places to do so, as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Discord, Spotify, Mark Cuban and Slack have started their own attempts to offer a voice chat service. Clubhouse worries.

Adding to this concern is that the social virtual voice follows the same path as the Snapchat Stories function, changing the social media coverage that will continue at the expense of the novice who was the pioneer in the introduction of the idea.

And the social voice is formed to go this way. As the threat increases, it is worth considering where the Clubhouse is most likely to encounter problems.

A social voice is likely to follow the same path as stories

But first: what does the Clubhouse do? He was the first social media voiceover, counting millions of users who came to Clubhouse solely for social audio content, and that includes headline-grabbing Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and other celebrities. Even chief tech executives have been making announcements at the Clubhouse, including Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, who advertised his company’s fake product in the app.

The company’s team plans to launch a creators program in the near future that will reward the most dedicated users with revenue and resources to boost their offerings.

The company recently acquired Fadia Kader from Instagram to lead its media partnerships and creators, and has also worked with musicians to help them improve their work on the platform, and it should be doing something similar at Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse has also hired Maya Watson from Netflix to become Head of Global Marketing, which means that she will soon dedicate resources to promoting the Clubhouse rather than relying primarily on word of mouth. These are all important steps to keeping the Clubhouse fun and thriving.

CLUBHOUSE is the staff working on the Android app

But the app is now facing competition from some of the biggest platforms in the world, which already have years of moderating experience, are available on iOS and Android, and have huge and loyal user bases that they can drive social voice to. Some companies, like Twitter and Discord, have already pushed social voice features to millions of users with an effective interface like Clubhouse. Anyone who does not have an invitation to the Clubhouse or iPhone, can now access the magic of social voice without any association with the Clubhouse whatsoever.

Perhaps the most dangerous possibility for Clubhouse is how easily the big names are lost on their platform to competitors.

Spotify, which this week announced the acquisition of Betty Labs, the maker of the sports-focused social audio app Locker Room, plans to bring the app to Android, change its name and expand its coverage of music, culture and sports.

It could be directly competing with the Clubhouse for talent, and Joe Rogan recently joined the Clubhouse Talk, and although Spotify’s head of research and development told me the company would not restrict podcast users from using other social audio apps, it’s easy to imagine the company encouraging the use Its own apps Musicians like Bieber, who might have come to the Clubhouse to start music, may turn to Spotify instead to maintain ties with the broadcast giant.

As a reference point when Kylie Jenner tweeted that she barely opened Snapchat anymore, the company’s stock lost $ 1.3 billion. If stars like Tiffany Haddish decide to spend their time elsewhere, the Clubhouse will falter, too.


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