What are the health status developments for Khaled Miqdad?


Publish YouTuberAl-Mu’tasim Billah MiqdadA picture of his fatherKhaled MiqdadChannel Founderheavens’ BirdsThrough it, he revealed on his own page that he had been discharged from the intensive care unit.
He commented on the picture by saying: “Thanks to God Almighty, Pope has left the intensive care unit and passed the stage of danger, and is now under health follow-up, waiting for an explanation of everything that happened.”
In the past hours, news of Khaled Miqdad’s death spread.
Al-Mu’tasim revealed that his father’s health condition is stable, and he is in intensive care due to his infection with the Corona virus, denying in turn the news of his father’s death, saying: “The correct news will be published by me or my brother Walid on the page of the stars of the birds of paradise, as well as the birds of paradise.”


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